Website Design

If you are not already familiar and moderately proficient with building websites (using a platform like WordPress), I highly recommend hiring a web designer. Scroll down to read my recommended website designers whether you have some website experience or none at all. There is something for everyone.

Website Designer

Restaurant Engine

Restaurant Engine is a website design service that only works in the restaurant industry. At $500, a full website costs a fraction of what a normal designer charges.

The turnaround time is ridiculously fast and the customer service is topnotch. They can set up online ordering for you and integrate just about anything you can imagine.

Once the design is complete, they turn the keys over to you and you can make your own updates. Alternatively, you can work with them for a monthly fee and they will handle any problems on the website and make any needed updates or revisions.

DIY Website

Thinking about doing it yourself? I admire your courage! I have a few suggestions on hosting and themes to get you started and save you a few hours of research. Good luck!


Blue Host

Blue Host is cheap, fast, and in my opinion, the simplest host for beginners to use when setting up a website.

The ease of setup with Blue Host cannot be understated. Before trying Blue Host I had used both Siteground and Hostgator and came away confused and frustrated.

Blue Host also impressed me with their customer support. They understand my technical limitations and are happy to help.



Astra is a simple theme for beginners and they offer a variety of templates that are made for restaurants. Simply replace the text, menu, and pictures with your own and you’re off to the races.

My favorite templates on Astra are Deeplight Restaurant, BBQ Restaurant, and Italian Restaurant,

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WordPress Training


Udemy is an online platform that you can buy digital courses from. If you are new to WordPress, Udemy has some great resources. Most of what I know about WordPress I learned from “The Complete WordPress Website Course” by Tanzeel Ur Rehman.

IMPORTANT: This page contains affiliate links to Blue Host, Astra, Restaurant Engine, & Udemy.  We earn commissions for referring traffic to these sites.  While we are careful to only recommend products, vendors, and services we actually like, you should know of our relationship with those companies.