Equipment & Smallwares

When you shell out big bucks for equipment you want to ensure you are buying quality products from a reputable vendor. Below, you will find my picks for the best vendors to work with for your restaurant.

Further down the page, you will find some items that I have used over the years that were serious game-changers for me. Whether they saved time, money, or just made a process easier, all of these items should be considered for any foodservice operation!

Best Vendors

A Best Kitchen

Best Kitchen has been selling restaurant equipment online since 1998, making them the “OG” of equipment dealers. They have a large selection of restaurant supplies at great prices with fast and free shipping over $49. Their customer service is amazing because a live person will actually answer the phone!


Katom is right there with Best Kitchen as my top choice for restaurant supplies. They have an unmatched selection, great prices, and financing available.

Highly Recommended Supplies

Okay, I admit that some of the items below aren’t particularly sexy (hello, mop bucket). Seriously though, these items will improve your day to day operations and you’ll be happy to have found them. I have used all of these extensively and would not hesitate to purchase them again in the future. You should as well!

IDT Prep-Pal 3.0 Full System

If you have never used a prep printer, prepare to have your mind blown. Setup this station in your BOH and add all of your ingredients to the software. From there, employees can print labels for each dish that includes an expiration date, time, and initials for who prepped it. This makes rotation and food safety compliance SO much simpler!

IDT Prep-Pal 3.0 Printer Only

If you already have a compatible tablet or a spare laptop, you can opt to buy just the printer for the Prep-Pal 3.0 system at a fraction of the cost.

IDT Prep-Pal Labels Case

You’re Prep-Pal is going to need labels so you might as well buy them in bulk!

Cash & Coin Scale

I have probably counted 10,000+ cash drawers over the past two decades and I am pretty darn quick at counting and cleaning them down. But with this cash scale, I can do it IN UNDER 60 SECONDS! Don’t hesitate on this one, when I added it to a fast-casual concept I was running it saved a grand total of 45 minutes daily from my managers routine. It paid for itself within three weeks.

Two-Compartment Mop Bucket

I know this isn’t sexy, but hear me out! Mop buckets like this one separate the dirty water from the clean water, preventing you from spreading the dirty water as you mop. How did someone not think of this sooner?!?

Floor Dryer

We continue the boring recommendations with this floor dryer. Seriously though, add one or two of these to your dish area and leave them on whenever your dishes are being washed. Keeping the floor dry will save your grout and prevent slip-and-falls.

Trash Can Magnet

Have you ever wondered where all your silverware goes? Spoiler Alert: It’s your trash can! Call it laziness or carelessness employees have a bad habit of throwing away flatware. This magnet will catch it before it ends up in the trash can.

ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum

I love this thing. My employees love it even more (they call it the “Ghostbuster”). If you have a decent amount of carpet this backpack vacuum will cut the vacuuming time in dramatically while also holding up to the wear and tear of commercial use.


When it comes to storage shelving, don’t settle for an off-brand or you will end up with broken shelves within a year. Pay for the quality and selection that Metro Shelving offers and you will not be disappointed.

Shoes for Crews Men’s Non-Slip Shoes

Shoes for Crews is the premier maker of Non-Slip Shoes. I recommend buying them for all employees after they reach the 90-day mark and then replace them annually. For corporate accounts, they even offer a Slip & Fall Warranty. I had a corporate account for two decades and used the slip and fall warranty-zero times! That’s peace of mind!

Shoes for Crews Women’s Non-Slip Shoes

The same quality, but in women’s styles and sizes.

Television / Menu Board Monitor

You are not going to find a better combination of price, size, and picture quality. Available in 55″ or 65″, this 4k TV is perfect for use in a restaurant, bar, or as a digital menu board.

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